The Metal Age (Live) Testo

Testo The Metal Age (Live)


Icy water on my hands
The roar of thunder everywhere
I close my eyes, I realize I'm far away from home
In the twilight zone, the shadows mourn

Out of the night came the shining...(from)
The metal age

Ivory towers conceal my eyes
Caught up in a long lost time
Where no one speaks, at liberty, they guard their destiny
To forge the steel, they will reveal

Out of the night came the shining...

I'm falling into the breach
I'm a stranger in this land, I'm falling

Standing strong , the brave and the elder
With scars seldom forgotten, above it all
Come with us, offering shelter from the icy wind that shiver
Come with us to the twilight zone

You're welcome to The metal age

Hear the bell begins to chime
The moonlit skies burst out in flames
The time has come, it must be done, let the power be unchained
By the force within, let the war begin

Out of the night came the shining...
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