Still Running Away Testo

Testo Still Running Away

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
It was winter 2004
I swing my bike underneath the garage door
10 miles in the falling snow
Just to throw rocks at your bedroom window
And I paddled slow

Pull the paddles down and just ride
The night air makes me feel alive
Hold me back before the break of time
Before they realize that my bike's gone

It was summer 2009
We sold the keys and we brought it to the shore line
And as we crossed over the big bridge
I crossed my fingers and we made a wish
That we stay until we die

Roll the windows down and just drive
We didn't tell just for the tonight
I'll be back before the break of time
Before they realize that the car's gone

Stolen car drive fast
But not as fast as the moving trees
Between the 4 of us yeah we stole everything
It was the 4 of us and our stolen traits

Get in the van and let's ride
Give me gasoline to feel alive
Cut the root money I need
Set a tie between you and me

I'm standing tall and give me distance
Give me the path of both resistance
I'm standing tall and give me distance
It all comes to the persistance
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