World Today (Gone Tomorrow) Testo

Testo World Today (Gone Tomorrow)

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Here come the bombs
March in the death parade
It's the annihilation of the human race

Is this the end?
When Mother Nature strikes again
Who is left to be saved?

We are not deaf, blind, or dumb
There are a million options, just choose one

We try to inspire
The world to desire
What the future holds

This world is not for me
What will it take to see?

We dig a hole
Line it one by one
White cloth and rope, bodies bound and tied

We fill it in
Cover up our dirty sins
Another nameless mass grave

clean up so quickly, no need for counting
it's boiling over, the pressure is mounting

Out of sight out of mind
Is it our problem?
You decide

We're capable of making up our own minds

I raise my voice up
I hear it muffled by the masses
I just won't give up
And once again the Good Samaritan passes me

So if this is a lie
Should I believe it?
They say these are the times that bind
But I don't see it?

Cause this is not the same place
That we grew up in
Not so long ago

Nothing is making sense
The world is breaking down
I think its time we go

This world is not for me
What will it take to see
Our world in a different light?
We can all feel the sorrow
A fearful reality
World today, gone tomorrow
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