A Lion To The Universe Testo

Testo A Lion To The Universe

I've found the road to happiness.
Just ride the wave and see.
I'll show you all there is to know
if all will follow me.
With all the wealth I share,
and all the love i give;
You don't know living until you actually live.

Reborn Earth of mine,
there's not a lot of time
to move the world with my epic state of mind.

[Filler, Greg, Lucas:]
Lets take a step back to free your mind
from what you've learned.
Laid back, and breaking ties with the world.

[Greg, Lucas:]
Just grab my hand and we'll dive in love,
we'll swim around and hope we drown.
The grass is greener on both sides of it,
so don't forget that life is good
as long as you make it that way.

All the love I give,
all the love.
But the love in you,
is the nature of why I've failed to give up.
I've dressed my wounds,
I've seen enough.
If thou will follow thee,
I'll show you life.

Fuck the bad things.
Live the way you want.
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