First...and Then Testo

Testo First...and Then

See i wasn't even gonna do this shit
But i owe this muthafucka a favor
So i'm a do this shit
But you muthafuckas betta stay quiet

Open the door
Hopin' for more
Told ya before
Smooth as velour
Step in the light
Black sheep
Reppin' it right
Never we hide
Too much ebony pride
Something to see
Scratch that, something to be
Payin' my dues
God knows, nothin' for free
Takin' it back
Makin' it stack
Counter attack
Dance floors, makin' em crack
Running the course-cocked back
Gun it with force
Rockin ' the spot
I got y'all, lovin the choice
Feelin' the flame
Black sheep
Killin' the pain
Spillin' the love
Feelin' the same
Settin' the tone
Black sheep
Let it be known
Cooler than ice
Hammin' it up
Keepin' it so
Makin' it knock all the way from the writer's block
Eatin' ox tails with cocktails holdin my cock

But first
Exhale with the XL
And then
Call your crew on your nextel
And then
Open up a beer and roll a L
And then party all night and rest well
But first
Exhale with the XL
And then
Everything you do you do it well
And then
Even if it hurts you never tell
And then
Everybody loves the clientel

I'm the type to not follow
Leave and drop throttle
Recline and pop bottles with designer top models
The type to not sweat it
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