Mr Lincoln Testo

Testo Mr Lincoln

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Mr. Lincoln I wish you were here
The Republics changed alot in a hundred years
I don't think its working like you planned
Mr Lincoln we sure could use a hand

I just read the headlines in the Nashville News
And I wish i made this up but im afraid its true
Cause a man was murdered for his money in the street
He was takin his wife to a nice place to eat
When they caught the man he did 23 months of time
He plead insanity like they do now all the time
Sir what would you have done in 1859
Now if you shoot someone sir you can get off scott free
Its the latest thing mr Lincoln can you believe
Now they sue the manufactures of the guns
Aint the law changed alot since 1861


I just heard the new story on the radio
They let dangerous men outta prison now yes sir im afraid its so
Because theyre overcrowded and it was only his fifth offense
And this time hes killed someone does that make any sense
Now my lawyer called me about a nuisance case
Cause everybody sues over any little thing these days
Well at least we're right all we gotta do is tell the truth

He said youre living in the past you romantic fool
I said you got that right i lean toward the older ways
And theres damn few back woods lawyers left today

(Chorus 2x)
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