Bruised Testo

Testo Bruised

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Rumpled and tired
You still fit the part
Of the one I wanted from the start

We're talking til dawn
About our tangled past
As years of words come out so fast

We both know it's a week
Til I'm going away
But we can't help act like I might stay

It's late when we kiss
Later still when we part
And with my words I'll pierce your heart

Blackmail me
Black and blue
I'll clean up
All for you

So sorry that I
Didn't think it all through
A whim for me, heartache for you

You kiss me goodbye
Say "I wish you could stay"
With a fading smile you turn away

Blackmail me
Black and blue
I'll clean up
All for you

All for you
All for you
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