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Testo Dirty Lens

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Wake up from sleep and hardly notice the change. Blurred scenery and emotions that all feel the same. Stare out of holes in my head that pass for eyes. Crave a kiss goodnight and the warmth of your thighs.

Struggle to find fulfillment in this sort of state. I'd try and love you if I could just concentrate. Hold on so hard to things that once defined me, that they break apart and I'm left empty.

Dirty words, held inside a head, will sour into sorrow.
Hate the world, but everything unsaid, will still be there tomorrow.

Prevent a connection 'cause all I can think of, is how best to charm, flatter and elicit love. Afraid to let your camera catch my bad side. Wish I had as little as you think I do to hide.

Dirty thoughts, held inside a head, will sour into sorrow. Lessons taught, and all but left for dead, will ruin more tomorrow.

Dirty deeds, held from those who trust, will haunt all your tomorrows. All alone, with the best of friends, is a bitter pill to swallow
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