Mixtape Testo

Testo Mixtape

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So I'm making you this tape
Full of songs I thought that maybe you would like
And I know that it's not much
But it's all that I can think to do to make things right

I know that every word I say
Echos back to yesterday
And all the things that I was dumb enough to say
I know that every glance at me
Reflects what I said you should be
But what you are is more than I could ever see

I can't help but reminisce
As I'm putting in this tape and press record
About the songs I sung to you
And how you made me want to write a hundred more

And that's all forgotten

I think of all the poems you write
Swimming with you late at night
And how we just missed getting it right
There's too much that we've been through
For me to never talk to you
Though I'm unsure of many things, this much is true

I'm not asking for the love that you were smart enough to give
To someone else
I'm just hoping maybe one day I can make up for the pain
That you have felt

And maybe it's naive to think that consequense could ever close its eyes to me

Do do do...
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