Do Not As I Do Testo

Testo Do Not As I Do

She was haunted by the dead but friendly ghosts.
As her helpers they stayed as her hosts.
And the reason why she kept them was her fear for herself.
Yes, she was dangerous, she might

Drink some wine, sing all night, mess up the yard,
Steal a man, rape his love, then throw it away
And she became what she tried to avoid, she said

Do now as i say, darling, not as i do.
See the way i play, kid, not do as i do.
Do do dodo do do dodo do do not as i do
Or you'll feel blue.

That which no one knew was that her own love was gone,
Stolen from her dead man long ago.
Their son was treated bad 'cause of her ego and selfish thoughts.
She cared less 'bout him than 'bout her own.

He was soft, now he's hard,
Seemingly strong.
All he gets is empty looks,
No confirmation.
All he was taught was throught her and (to) keep quiet, see

Do now as i say, darling, not as i do....

It was like a crime she can't undo.
Now nothing can be done and
It runs in his blood, too

It's not possible to teach a kid by preaching
When you do the opposite.

Do now as i say, darling, not as i do...
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