No Chorus Testo

Testo No Chorus

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Screw the chorus
I don't need it

I had this demo chick
She was singin' on my track
Never got to work 'cause I be checkin' out her back
That, tap worthy healthy round ass
I couldn't resist to give it a slap
Her eyes lit like an overload
And she gave it to me on the mixin' board

Now I'm on top on the control room floor
Couldn't help but notice it was quarter past four, OH NO!
My baby gets off of work at five
And the traffic starts to the west on this ride
Finished up with a lick I'm out in record time
Jumped in the hoopty, put it in drive

I forgot it's smokin' time
4-2-0 so the spliff did light

My watery eyes spied a traffic jam
The carpool lane was my only chance
Flew by the ass of my pants
But I couldnt see the trap at the top of that ramp

Whoop, Whoop
The sirens did blow
Cops caught me cheatin' on ninety-fohh
I know there's only two ways these things can go
One for Har Mar and one for Po Po

Smiled in delight as she reached my front door
This lady cop knows not what she's in for
I lead her eyes to the bulge in my pants
Let her get a glimpse of the holy land
She tried to hold her emotions back
But when I licked my lips she had no chance

I said
Beep beep
I'm all up in your grill
Just to let you know how my body feel
I need a piece of what your panties conceal
I want to get caught and give you this thrill

She threw me in to the back of her squad
Hand cuffed me up to each side of her bra
She said (escape)
And i ripped it off
When we started grindin' she 'bout lifted off
Any mess I made I licked it off
So she kissed my ticket and she ripped it up

When I got home I loved what I found
My girl was masturbating to the Har Mar sound
My baby gets off when I get around
So I told her everything and turned the lights down
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