One Dirty Minute Testo

Testo One Dirty Minute

Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Mmmhmmm
What's goin' on everybody? Uh, Uh
Ohhh, ahh, shh, ahh

This is Dirty Preston and there is no question
I think your heart is crap, that's my confession
My main problem is
There are too many ladies in this world
They bum rush me like they got the rabies
These dirty girls, Mmmm

This is why
I'm puttin' ladies on layaway
I'm makin' very sexy installments
I will come again another day
To your effeciencies or your apartments
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ooooooo!

Ladies crave me like a pazzone
I shall make them moan
Desire and passion is my career
Now baby lets open a beer

Now I'd like to dedicate this song
To all the children of the world
All the children of America, put your hands up
All the youth in Asia put your hands up
All the kids in France put your hands up

Cause one day your gonna get laid
You will get laid

Stop the beat
Who the hell let Dirty Preston in here?
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