Millwall Mark Testo

Testo Millwall Mark

Millwall Mark was skinhead lad
It was the best years he ever had
Dressed to kill boots to ruck
Out on the street he don't give a fuck
He weren't no angel he had a dirty face
He followed the sham all over the place
Psycho Dave at his side
Full of fucking bitter Full of fucking pride

Born and bred a sarf London boy
at the age of 12 he got into oi
but 5 years later he'd doing time
for a fucking cunt who committed the crime

Went down for his mate cause you never grass
It changed his life he forgot the past
let his grow like never before
Millwall mark was a skin no more
Millwall mark was a skinhead lad
It was the best years he ever had
And now he's dressed like a nancy boy

Fuck off
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