Closer To The Border Testo

Testo Closer To The Border

A hazy Mexican weekend thinking up names

The boys in the front room were playing bored games

Full Moon Carrie went tumbling head over heels

Miss Allen's twenty secrets were never revealed

Than the band was playing something loud and blue

The two girls dancing together, old steps and new

I can't believe she said that to me

'Cause romance is not dead in my memory


Closer to the border than we know

In faded luxury and driving slow

Roll the windows down and take a good look around

Closer to the border than we know

Heading south with the last record playing

Lying like thieves, nobody saying

Around midnight we heard the mission bells

The candles through the gates were casting their spells

The sun came up on the virgin's wishing well

And we found ourselves surrounded


Closer to the border
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