The Unbreakable Testo

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Testo The Unbreakable

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
He was a kind hearted man in a hateful world
who caught every thing that life ever hurled
like the oldest mountain he always stood so tall
forever showing what it means to be unbreakable
paycheck to paycheck,
3 jobs a day,
he's the ransom for his family's pain
in the coldest world with the warmest heart,
he puts to shame what you consider hard
he's the man you don't see in the mirror
while the world was screaming death,
he chose a different song to hear
he's the band thats playing while the ship sinks
the song of hope, he forever sings
he taught the sun to shine
now please teach this "son" to shine
how can this world never break
your warm heart in this frigid fucking place?
you're like the river:
always flowing and growing,
never changing; rearranging
how can this world always never take
your solid stance in these turbulent time?
you're like the tree in the burning forest
that never was burned down
and what he said to me was this

"Just love the world that won't love you back"

old man look at my life
i'm nothing like you are
take a look at my life
i'm so very fucking far
from the person i aspire to be

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