What Counts Testo

Testo What Counts

Have you ever felt like you've lost your mind?
when one good friend is so hard to find
when the walls, the ceiling, the windows and the floor
nothing screams to you as loud as the door?
because out is the only way to go
all those lonely nights man, i've been there too
can i stand it? when i'm lost
and the future is just a fucking blur
can i stand it? when i'm hurt
and the days just get darker and darker
i'll stand it. through the rough
if it means my mind will gain some strength
i'll stand it. like a statue
who's face is looking towards tomorrow
but sometimes it feels like it's just too much
the clashing in my head, it's just too much
the constant falling down, it's just too much
but we've been dwelling in these graves, far too long
take a breath, reawake, call forth the dread in your way
subdue, prevail, triumph over every fucking day
to persevere through is
what counts is that we struggle to find the
strength in our hearts to make the days
this is the hardest breath, that we can fucking breathe
is that we struggle to find the peace
that exists within our hearts
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