Ain't Having It Testo

Testo Ain't Having It

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
(feat. Chris Ward)

Chris Wizzard, ha-ha
I mean what you expect man, we here
(and we on top of our game, be young on top of our game)
Cause boys out here having money man, no doubt
(the independent route), they acting like they don't know
But you know what it is, (it's a big game out here man
Boys should really learn, how to play this game
It's really some'ing, serious out here man)

Ain't having that and that's a fact, I put that on Screw and Pat
So y'all cats better back-back, before I start to react
And attack with a glock or mack, creating holes like a full back
When I cock and aim and pull that, I bet ya you won't pull back
I'm a cool cat and I keep it real, big dude with sex appeal
That will kill if a nigga feel, he wanna share his might skills
I'm so real can't stand fake, can't stand those that playa hate
It's money to make so why hate, let's all get this damn cake
I ain't having that cause I ain't the one, I'ma show you how to do this son
I rap for fun, and make niggaz look dumb
How come I don't know, I was gifted with the flow
I bust a flow for my lil' bro, before I let go
(damn H.A.W.K. you hot like lava), ain 't having it so don't bother
You take it any further, I will use the problem solver
H-A-Dub-K, move bitch get out the way
You heard what the song say, we meant what we say

[Hook: x2]
I ain't having it, so don't bother
I ain't having it, so don't bother
I ain't having it, I ain't having it
I ain't having it, so don't bother
I ain't having it, so don't bother
I ain't having it, so don't bother
You take it any further, I will use the problem solver

[Chris Ward:]
Hey big homie you ain't having this, so we ain't having that
These haters swear they G's, like I don't know they just rapping that
They couldn't see us, if they was the third letter of the alphabet
I murder bar for bar, you think Chris Ward is half the track
I be's all over the block in the booth, kinda like a acrobat
Dollar for dollar, stack for stack
In fact I'm facing multiple chargers, for organized rhyme
And the whack is scared of flow, cause I glorify's my grind
Lyrically, my delivery is conspiracy
Cause I force heat up to the public, so feircfully
So damn if you feeling me, cause I know that you fearing me
And F' the F-E-D's, cause I know that you hearing me
It's like I'm seeing H.A.W.K. in my sleep, so when I crawl on the creep
I keep extra heat on the seat, when I'm flossing one deep
Why I'm on that other shit, that spit it for my brother shit
That hardcore gutter shit, yeah-yeah

[Hook x2]

Yeah that's right, well that's pretty much the gist of it
You dig Big H.A.W.K., H-A-W-K
Screwed Up Click for life, the five star general
You got that big homie, Ghetto Dreams anywho
This your young B-Gizzle, C. Wizzzle
And I'm here so we here, ya know
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