Different Kind Of Lady Testo

Testo Different Kind Of Lady

She was the prom queen, the world was hers With a wave of her hand, whispered words Hearts broken by her abilities Addicted to the sweetness of a gentle kiss Lost in a search for something she might never find Never know if she don't try, the results will come in time No time to smell the roses, let alone slow dance Too many bad memories of forgotten romance She walked out slammed the door Damn him, she didn't need him A child game she had to cloth him feed him Alone after so long gave up hope Convinced all men were abusive Undependable heathens and sold dope Mister right wasn't coming A fact that she would have to face She didn't have no time to waste, she had a man to raise No man to chase, sick of living in this blasted place No time to sit around weeping like a basket case Her son made it all worthwhile The only man that got to see her smile She reminisced about her lifestyle before the baby came She did what responsible people do, she changed [Chorus x 2] She's a different kinda lady She's not often understood She was my best friend, my playmate Moved in next door just before the first grade We ran foot races, climb trees, caught insects Before money and sex, powder and x Before popularity came so crucial She had love and the feeling was mutual We used to cut our feet barefooted in chipped glass Now we blow smoke as we skip class New friends came, and with them came change The pressure was all, would lil mama maintain She began to drift away, the distance between us grew wider Didn't have to speak to me, I could see the hurt inside her I hear the words out of her mouth But they don't reflect what she really feel I've seen the smile before I know it isn't real Artificial happiness, superficial friends A nonstop whirl wind, when will it all end Her eyes roll back, she began to convulse They searched for a heartbeat, but she had no pulse Autopsy results show she mixed powder and downers And none of her new friends were around her When her family found her, but a [Chorus x 2] She's a different kinda lady She's not often understood She was a young girl seventeen, if I recollect correctly A baby with a baby, that baby was me She worked everyday still it wasn't enough World was rough, ol' girl was tough Drop me off in the morning Come back and get me in the afternoon Free spirits lost being guided by the moon Used to take me to church, try to make me a man But hard times put drastic changes in plan She was out there, every time she got up, she fell again In love with a bastard, stay in and out the pen Alcoholic addict, never tried to change himself Beat her to a pulp, and make her blame herself I tried to talk to her, mama you don't have to stay Just pack your bags and go, you can walk away She tell me about this pain, hoping I'd never experience it Baby boy love is some serious shit, I pray for change Eventually it came, like rays of light after days of rain She turned her life around, walked away never to return Still tempted by the fire, just tired of being burned [Chorus x 2] She's a different kinda lady She's not often understood

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