U Hard Testo

Testo U Hard

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Check check, this mics on?
now when we ride hard we kickin up dust don't leave no body behind to talk, naw naw;
and the only proof that my crew came through'll be the people found lyin in chalk.
allow me to introduce, first crackavelli tha boss;
white boy til I die whatever tha cost.
I'll be a lie if I said that I never took losses;
but I'm tellin tha truth when I say it don't happen often.
I'll be pissin people off until they put me in a coffin;
I'm a seargent in this army people listen when I'm talkin.
caution!! can't you see we buildin here;
actin like somethin you aint'll get you killed in here.
I ain't crude or rude I'm just real sincere;
there's no time to worry about your fellings here.
here here's some boots here here's some gear;
you didn't wanna be here ya shouldnt a volunteered.
we ridahs round here and we don't take to outsiders roun here;
Know what I mean? it's a known fact that you can get it round here;
And aint nobody gone tell who did it round here!
Chorus 4 x

I aint them goofy white boyz from tha movies;
Talk shit and have to kill me ( u hard?) absolutely!

They call me big bill murder all bitches;
Commin out tha woods with the 30 aught sixes.
E mack'll hit a bitch with a bar stool troy'll blind side you;
Tan hide you no one'll ever find you.
T wayne'll take you to a construction area;
Steal a cement truck and use it to bury ya.
Sonny'll make a withdrawl put money on your dome;
My boy alan vaughn put explosives on your phone.
When u's in jail put a bomb on your brougham;
And if it goes down I hope your moms aint home.
Don't make me get on the phone with ricky rodriguez;
Bitch ass couldnt handle vicky rodriguez.
I'm not familiar with no gentle methods;
You'll be identified by your dental records.
Crazy how life changes in just a second;
'Specially if we catch you at that intersection.
Chorus x 4

I aint malibu's most wanted I'm nashvilles most hunted;
In my nortside hide out fuckin an countin money.
I got 30 hoopties that'll come round through there;
Light that bitch up like new year.
I roll with them cold players g's in wheelchairs;
Get up everyday get out and go get theirs.
There's a homie name d-lo somethins wrong with his leg;
And they say he'll be usin cruthes til the day he is dead.
But if he up in the club and some shit get said;
He'll pick that crutch up and bust a bitch in his head.
I got a homie name wood weigh 350;
It's like havin another me with me.
I'll beat that ass when some shit go down;
Saw what are you doin put that pistol down.
Lex put that homemade grenade away;
Dam saw where are you goin with that razor blade!

Chorus x 4

Courage strength bravery;
Start this fight in the v.I.p.
This story is history;
And fuck everybody who disagree.
We'll fight to the finish never surrender;
You'll have to kill us just remember.
We don't die we multiply;
C dub b untill we die!
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