Hey, Keep Your Head Up Kid Testo

Testo Hey, Keep Your Head Up Kid

This is the last time: I'll let it go, I'll walk away.
Hey, keep your head up! The feelings pass; we'll watch them fade.
I'm fucking tired and this place still looks the fucking same.
My voice is gone and I'm sick of screaming help me please.

Count down the days and we'll sit and watch them fade
like all the fucking faces that never meant a thing to me.
I think I'm drowning and I can't find a breath; a voice inside of me says,
"Fuck it kid, why hope for the best?"

If these are the last words I ever fucking sing,
at least I know that I sang them for me.
Yeah, fuck today! We got tomorrow or we'd like to hope.
I guess the way the world works, you'll never fucking know
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