Desire Walks On Testo

Testo Desire Walks On

Stand at the window, pull back the lace I feel the night wind on my face All that I long for - All that I crave Am I master, Am I slave? The night's so still I feel that lovers out in the hills The breathing of young girls lying in bed Visions of love in their heads Desire walks on Desire walks on A beautiful boy gazed in a pool His eyes looking back like jewels The call of the mirror too strong to resist The call of the water - the call of a kiss Desire walks on Desire walks on Desire walks on - it wants to be held - possessed It wants consummation - it moves on obsessed Bloodstream through pipes, singing in the wires Heat - motion - control - desire walks on Stand at the window, the world is so still Calling you back by force of will Where did you go? I don't know why Too much longing inside You wrapped me in night time Sexual disguise I was the love in your eyes You took me over My innocence cracked You own my passion I want you back Desire walks on Desire walks on

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