I'm Fine Testo

Testo I'm Fine

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Anyway, as I was saying before we got all blown away ~ oh man Flash flood in a paper cup ~ no chance to study up ~ oh man What's the chad confetti stuff shooting out the TV is it Y2K or its it World War 3? The dogs of reason ran away ~ way into the fray ~ and whoosh the hell we have to pay Have you heard? (chorus) As I was saying, I'm fine Things don't make sense to me all the time I'm hanging right on that line As I was saying, oh I'm fine Midsummer lifeline in stone crimson love Slo-mo explosion come down form the above Tune out the noise of the tumbling world If you can hear me its' all in a word, have you heard? Anyway, as I was saying, scuse me for just a minute please ~ oh man I'm OK I'm OK I'll come around right after I have this little break down