Let's Stay In Testo

Testo Let's Stay In

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
The candles are lit, the snow is flying The tree in Rockefeller Center has just begun to shine The streets are full of shoppers And there's Santa Claus at Saks And the pony rides around the park Are leaving deeper tracks... But let's stay in Turn off the lights And just stay in Gazing from the window at the lights below Nothing urgent, no emergency There's nowhere we need to go Let's use the crystal glasses When did we use them last? A splash of sparkling water Kentucky sour mash No early reason to go out None that I can see Here's to you and me Baby, let's stay in Every Christmas gets a little crazier Sometimes the holidays are tough Reaching for deadlines and phone lines and bottom lines Enough, Enough, Enough Let's stay in Put up a little tree And just stay in Build ourseleves a fire Soaking up the glow I wonder what they're doing 30 floors below. No earthly reason to go out None that I can see Here's to you adn me Baby, let's stay in

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