Mistral Wind Testo

Testo Mistral Wind

No wind when I took the watch My ship was still and waitin' I lay on that mirrored sky A restless sail or waitin' I closed my eyes said the Words of will for the gentle Breathin' that moves the seas Make my sails fill Whisper waves cloud the glass Awake at last like a lover It rushed around the talkin' sweet Roll over, roll over, roll over And in my ear he blew his name It sound so strange but I heard it plain Mistral Mistral wind I have always held the wheel but I let the wind steal my power Spin me 'round lose my course Nights run be like hours Well, it would show me the way To the deepest mountains Too high and beautiful to be Mistral, mistral wind All the hours on the watch I wait for that breeze to move me And blow me back to that place Magic space all through me And I sigh your name Across the empty water You made a crazy dreamer out of me Mistral, mistral, mistral, mistral, Mistral, mistral

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