Soul Of The Sea Testo

Testo Soul Of The Sea

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Today you looked around to my heart's call This tiny life ain't been strangled after all Time, time, time, time Never ask what's become of us Just dedicate your sorrow Here and now To the soul of the sea And me Rushin' to me You turned around to my song's call You dreamer in the sand Just lie there laughing til the fall Kindest lover I can't stay alone tonight Bring me all your love Here and now Come rushin' to me Wake up late Without a smile Telephone rings You run like a child On the street Into the day The people I meet Have nothing to say No smile No sorrow No laughter No tomorrow They talk hen to hen They talk about their men And practice all the tricks for them Too soon nightime's coming on Deep in the darkness feeling alone No rain No seed No dreams No silence Far away today Mama ocean hold me to you Rock me on your waves And tell me... Is it all true? Time, time, time, time Never ask what's become of us Dedicate your sorrow Here and now To the soul the sea and me

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