The Last Noel Testo

Testo The Last Noel

On the first noel I awoke to a bell It was ringing out songs I had yet to know well In peace as I lay I look back on the day And the voice of my father I still hear him say “Oh well, Oh well. It's just another noel. Where is the king of Israel? On the next noel I remember it well With my own little boy and the stories to tell 'Bout a star in the sky on a beautiful night And the shepherds and cattle alone in his light Oh tell oh tell me about the noel Born is the king of Israel Little stockings hung with care Hoping Santa will be there Little footsteps on the roof Down the chimney there's your proof There's your proof On the last noel All I hear is a bell And it's guiding me on to my home immortal All around I see My friends are in sight And they're guiding me on to the beautiful light Oh well ho well, just another noel Born is the king of Israel Oh well oh well, it's another noel Born is the king of Israel

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