Voodoo Doll Testo

Testo Voodoo Doll

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
You haunt my room in the dead of night I see your face in the firelight Your hungry kiss I can't forget But I won't give it to you yet You got moves make a good girl sweat You won't catch me in your net You work your magic on my blues But I ain't no slave for you to use I won't beg and I won't crawl I won't be your voodoo doll Baby I won't be your voodoo doll Stirring up a potion of colors Making me crazy You got something I can't leave alone Shaking me Tremble...you're calling me baby Heaven help me turn my heart to stone Hey moon man - don't shine on me You are dnagerous company I got treasure in my chest And the price is high for all the rest Ain't no snake inside my wall I won't be your voodoo doll Baby I won't be your voodoo doll

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