You Oughtta Know By Now Testo

Testo You Oughtta Know By Now

It's dumb, but fun, when you live by the minute 'cause
the day may never come. Black out, right out, out, outta you mind.
Forget about your troubles when you're low on life. Be A Heart Attack.
Fill it up, drink it down, pop pills 'till you're out on the ground.
Around now every dreams been torn at the seam and everyone but
music's ran out on me. No energy just lookin' for more. Banging so
hard at the bathroom door. Inside, real high, and surprised to see,
a scarred angel in the mirror staring back at me. Thought last night,
was the last night of my life. Awake all through the morning, way past
sunrise. Sharp pain to the chest, left side's going numb, when it seems
to be my time the beat keeps going on.
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