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J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Wearin' shades - at the club
this time - I'll fuck you up

big chains round your neck
perfect to pull you back
wearin' same gear every day
this time I'll make you pay
touchin' hoes all the time
killin' you ain't a crime
twenty years of wasted time
in the end a broken spine

wanna look like damon dash
this time you'll get bashed
you're so cool yeah I see
but you got nowhere to flee

exercises - ending here
you're hunted - like deer
like deer

act like you're a player
you better say your prayers
act like you're a player
your dreams end up in chaos

nice girl on your side
can run but can't hide
talkin' same shit every day
now you hear what I say
cold sweat all the time
making you feel fine
nothing but wasted life
finished with a switchblade knife

I'll - fuck - you - up
I'll fuck you up
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