Livin' In A Memory (japanese Bonus Track) Testo

Testo Livin' In A Memory (japanese Bonus Track)

Reaching out feeling down yeah
Im searching for you tonight
You´re out of sight

Feeling lost you where gone
Should have cherish the love you gave I know today
Standing on the edge of the night
Running around in circles wanna go back in time

(We had it all just for a moment)
I can't stop thinking about you
(We came to far to lose it all)
And now I'm living in a memory

We had our fights I broke every rule
But acting like I didn't know that I was the fool
You where right I was wrong girl I wanted to be much more
I was insecure

Don't want to be caught in the past im holding on to a dream
Baby let me prove that I can
I swore on my pride I will be a new better man
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