Straight Up Testo

Testo Straight Up

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
There was a time when we never ever wondered
Cause things would always be the same
Years went by and we fought it a little longer
And now we have ourselves to blame

I would always be there for you and I gave up my love

Straight up we'll never stop lovin we'll never do
Straight up what have we become
Straight up together we'll make it together forever
Straight up what have we become

Try to be strong yes I tried to rode on
But we have been damaged far too long
Still I remember how it felt to have you near
But when I held you you said there was nothing left to feel

I would always be there for you
I've tried to change and I wish you'd have done the same

On and on I've had this fantasy
We felt so in love
We had a house we had a family
Wont you stay stay
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