H.D.EYE Hybrid Cyborg Testo

Testo H.D.EYE Hybrid Cyborg

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I walked over to the edge of space, where mind and matter sip on gin.
Oversimplified I miss the way things used to be.
I like it natural but I understand your logic, nothing matters.
Lets take the first step in understanding that that.
Far less intelligent, than your counterparts,
it really hinders their progression,
the corners of your mouth have started pointing south,
towards a black, black hole of pity.
That engulfs all round it, bring new thoughts of self destruction.
Nothing's wrong it just looks that way.
Jerk off till the end of time, strap a Chinese hooker to my side,
satisfy the urges of my mind.
Due to unverified claims,
there were no enhancements made to the processes lost.
and it makes this so uncomfortable,
and we really need comfort above all things
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