Rotten Church / Mall / Parking Lot Testo

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Testo Rotten Church / Mall / Parking Lot

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Apparently there are fireworks over the bridge that I can see from my hospital window,
and I'm curious..
I am curios how they'll look now that everything is so dark.
Cancer rolls around here gently as a tumbleweed,
we roll our bloodshot eyes at them and they keep on rolling.
We really forget what life's about,
I can't remember the differences.
Were getting stuck inside the boxes we create,
who gives a fuck when all the toxins are the same.
I guess were picking our casket out,
I guess were all just getting stuck inside the boxes we create,
so drink up,
drink up cause all we ever get is a tas
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