Brukpocket's Lament Testo

Testo Brukpocket's Lament

I tried to love her
Best that I could
I tried to live
Like a good man should
I tried to hard
But where did I go?
For my baby don't want to know

I saw a doctor
Please understand
I need assistance
A chemical hand
Give me release
My head's 'bout to blow
Oh my baby don't want to know

I saw a priest
Let me explain
Baby Jesus gonna
Hear my pain
I read the book
But his hard to follow
Still my baby don't want to know

I saw my mama
Mama hold me still
I'm starting to talk
Like I'm mentally ill
Fetch me my rifle
I've done all I could
No my baby don't come for good

I'm sorry baby
I'm so sorry baby
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