Burn Babylon Burn Testo

Testo Burn Babylon Burn

Burn Babylon Burn

[Hell Razah:]
I hear the streets calling my name
Fake friends envy my fame
Wanna see a righteous man's soul burning in flame
Max Payne when it come to this game
Malfunction every damn thing moving till it walk with a cane
Put stakes on these lames and snakes
Who words slipped out with same pace
Lied and he smiled in my face
I've been held back long enough, now strong enough
Drop a CD weekly and burn all of 'em up
Cut their tongues out and chop off tails
I knock off sales, reload my 4/5th and drop more shells
I pop off well, hate me cause the truth prevail
Your group clientele will stale, go recoup yourself
Don't even hit me with an email or blow up my cell
But when you see me in the club try to pass me an L, nigga

[Hook: Razah]
Burn Babylon Burn
Burn Babylon Burn
Burn Babylon Burn

[Hell Razah:]
They switch gears on niggas careers
I used to sleep on the stairs
But now I'm seated in executive chairs
Conversate about money and weight
How to conquer these states
War sells, ain't no love without hate
Strategize for my Malcolm X tape
Since '78 I've realized this was desolate place
Seen hell thru the eyes of a child
Meanwhile more cocaine coming in piles
More bigger in vials
Took away all the motherly smiles
Much stronger now than love and fair
I'm smarter; hire the men of the gun
One created the sun
It's a lesson that I'm teaching the young
Burn like 151, that's why I'm teaching my son

[Hell Razah:]
I'm still ghetto like a corner store
Robin Hood of the poor
I'll since '84; still make the ladies raw
Reservoir Dog, full clips spit the metaphors
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