Rowdy Rowdy Testo

Testo Rowdy Rowdy

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, Hell Razah, 2000
Fuckin' ball already droppin'
What ya gonna do now, ha?
Get it +Rowdy Rowdy+, get it +Rowdy Rowdy+

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
Is my GG'z, rollin' wit me (hell yeah!)
Is the PJ's rollin' wit me (hell yeah!)
Is my strip dancers gonna tip me (hell yeah!)
Is the DJ's rollin' wit me (hell yeah!)
Is my dropouts rollin' wit me (hell yeah!)
Is my alcoholics bent wit me (hell yeah!)
Is my weedheads smokin' wit me (hell yeah!)
Is my war soldiers watchin' wit me (hell yeah!)
Get it +Rowdy Rowdy+, up in here, now, +Rowdy Rowdy+
Get it +Rowdy Rowdy+, up in here, now, WHAT!

[Hell Razah]
Roll out my red carpet, insert my cartridge
I got a hunger like a hostage in Kosovo
Run and tell so-and-so
+Bop Your Head+ to my promo's
We went from war to guns to 4-4's, to breakin' governmental barcodes
Now it's man vs. computer, 8000 CC's of brain
Who fell in love wit what they can't even claim
I can't maintain, and watch no blood suckers campain
Praise and pain, for months, turn to teardrops of rain
I stay ghetto like the 8 train, survive all this crack and cocaine
And still alive so I can rap and complain
Now we done dropped out to get cream
See school teachers turnin' the fiends
Wit strip dancers comin' out they g-strings
Wit nice thighs in them iceberg jeans
The projects, we the nation of kings
You too fly, then I'mmma clip wings
Some go to work, while others in sling
Elders and teens, indeed smoke weed til it's dark and cloudy
Don't fuckin' crout me, I'm too deep, you can't count me
Ask Clinton why we flippin' and be gettin rowdy

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
Is my out of staters wit me (hell yeah!)
Is the independent women wit me (hell yeah!)
Is the bar tender drinkin' wit me (hell yeah!)
Is my New York niggas wit me (hell yeah!)
Is my clothesline niggas wit me (hell yeah!)
Is my record label niggas wit me (hell yeah!)
Get it +Rowdy Rowdy+, up in here, now, +Rowdy Rowdy+
Get it +Rowdy Rowdy+, up in here, now, WHAT!

[Hell Razah]
We gettin' tired and sick
Of racist cats like Benjamin Smith
It's time to quit and unite both the Blood and the Crip
And shake Pataki up and smack up wit whoever he wit
And start rollin' wit this chosen +Ghetto Government+ shit
Kick ya welfare slavery plans, hospitals
And ya solitudes, and chicken food, a real Sun of Man
Shippin' drugs to open drug programs
Fill my ghetto up wit cigarette's and beer cans and new spy cams
We build this land up wit our bare hands, until America
Fold up and blow up wit our wicked Son of Sam
You disrespect me and that's where they vex me
We lookin' forward to bein' Maccabeez, not tryin' to be no Joe Pesci
You damn right we here to get it +Rowdy Rowdy+
Go get the Daily News and tell they camera crews to go and think about me...
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