Disappointment Blues Testo

Testo Disappointment Blues

Got shit when I wanted much
I want you but you´re so out of touch
Want new but all I see is ancient
I am so eager when I should be patient
Shook up when I wanna get down
I wanna fly but I just hit the ground
Alright already I´ve had enough them
Options lie before me but I can´t get ´em up

I got a lot but is it what I wanted
What was lookin´ good turn out to disappoint me

I make turns when I wanna head straight
I´m all done by the time it´s too late
I´m in love and I want something to do
But when I do I take things out on you

I got worry, I got nothin´ to say
I wanted action but all I did was just to throw it away
This is not what I wanted
Ain´t what I wanted to do
Destination let down
Now I got the disappoinment blues
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