Ferrytale Testo

Testo Ferrytale

Celine Dion canta Édith Piaf per omaggiare le vittime di Parigi
Dressed in green, lookin´ mean,
Working for the government machine
Sad bastards, actin´ tough
Shut your mouth with them handcuffs
Move your ass you bleedin´ punk
I move my ass when I want and I was just a bit drunk
C´ mon, don´t you dare lock us up
Cuz when my time is done
I will tell you to shut up

Don´t tell me what I can & cannot do

Here I am and this how I live
But I ain´t takin´ no more than I give
Stand by your woman stand by your man
I stand by my woman with a gun in my hand

No I won´t stand there baby and take that shit
They had it comin´ honey and you know it
And the fire has been lit