I'm In The Band Testo

Testo I'm In The Band

Friday night we got a gig in town
We're all reved up we're gonna get it on down
They're playing our song on the radio
We're dressed for the occasion and we're ready to go

Had a great pair of shoes i thought i had class
A brand new jacket but no backstage pass
Had to hurry up - to the stage i ran
And this big guy pushed me - said "no you can't"

But hey i'm in the band
Would it be so hard for you to understand
That i got work to do you better let me in man
Because i'm in the band

Paid our dues on the long way here
The van broke down but we don't give a care
The sun sets low and it's about time
So don't you treat me like i commited a crime

Been here all day to soundcheck and eat
There's no way in hell that we didn't meet
There are rules to be followed yes i underdtand
And you're doing your job the best you can

But hey i'm in the band
Would it be so hard for you to understand
That i got obligations to my screaming female fans
Because i'm in the band

I may not look like jagger
May not have money in the bank
I got a pair of cheap sunglasses
And my castle may be made of sand

But hey i'm in the band
And without me you'd have no girl to land
Because of me and my colleagues
You got wedding plans only 'cause i'm in the band
Yes i'm in the band
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