Lonely Testo

Testo Lonely

Poor little girl born to an modern world - lonely
Teenage angst ridden tried to make
Herself heard - lonely

From a one horse town to a burg twice the size
From being safe and sound to getting
Cramped in lie
It felt real easy so she started to snitch
But the bitchin´ came around threw her
Right down the ditch

Never imagined it could turn out so wrong - lonely
Nobody listens ´cuz the story´s too long - lonely

She tried to get by to her own little tune
Can´t shoot prozac with a neddle and a spoon
Fell flat on her face crawled on her hands
And her knees
Tried to make friends with her enemies

She think´s she´s got it
She´s got it way outta line
Now she´s got the attention
If only she weren´t so lonely
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