Monkeyboy Testo

Testo Monkeyboy

I got an ape performing in my head
If he don't stop then i will soon be dead

This monkey's no friend of mine
I try to act straight but he's on cloud number nine
He's got a cup made of tin
And it's 'cause of him you won't let me in

He bangs a drum so i can get no sleep
Well he's a monkey but he can't be beat

Head over heels on banana peel
I'm getting confused as to what i feel
And every time i try to speak
He always puts his monkeytongue in my cheek

Oh my my - i'd do anything to make him die
But then i see there's nothing i can do
The monkey's just a part of me

I got a monkey singing in my brain
I should have known already we're the same

I got some monkey business to attend
I think i'll ask him if he'd hold my hand

And ask him to be a friend of mine
Together we'll fly up to cloud number nine
And share his cup made of tin
Maybe then you'd like to let us in

Oh my my - i did everything to make him die
But now i see there's nothing ican do
The monkey's just a part of me
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