Psyched Out & Furious Testo

Testo Psyched Out & Furious

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I´ve been lost but I know who to turn to
At any cost even if it means I´m gonna burn too
There ain´t no reason for me to be left out
Listen to me son there are things that I can do without
I´ve gone astray I´ve been waitin´ for this day to come
Gone away already out there baby too far gone
There ain´t no reason for me to be left out
You better listen up now honey to what I´m gonna blast out

I´ve gone psyched out & furious
I´m comin´ right on thru´ I´ve gone psyched out & furious

I´m on the road and the flames are getting higher now
Carryin´ a load so heavy it got me wired now
I´m on a chicken race with Satan got a feelin´ that I´m gonna win
Be my backseat driver I´m takin´ over seven deadly sins
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