Put Out The Fire Testo

Testo Put Out The Fire

Put out the fire and set me free
Put out the fire and help me let it be
Can't let it go on or it will take me to some end
I can't right all these wrongs or make amends
Maybe your mind works different than mine
Maybe your mind is of another kind
The things that you do - the things you hear and see
Maybe it's you and not me
Put out the fire - stamp out the glow
'Fore the stakes get any higher
You know i know that i should know
The fire's still raging - and i've counted to ten
Hold my breath and i'm waiting
Want to exhale but don't know when
Can't seem to put it out
Keep trying though i am in doubt
I've drained the oceans dry but i cannot put it out
Put out the fire - help me turn it around
I fought it with fire but it only scorched the ground
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