Welcome To Hell Testo

Testo Welcome To Hell

I´ve seen you girl - I´ve seen you walkin´
´Round for a long long time
I´ve heard you girl - I´ve heard you talkin´
Tounge in cheek but it don´t rhyme
It´s time to move - it´s to shake those
Hips to a different beat
I got time to prove - today is dated
And obsolete

When mountains are too high
And their sides are to steep
And rivers run too deep
Offers like this don´t come cheap
And you got nothin´but your soul to sell
C´mon down and we will treat you well
Baby welcome to hell

I´ve been watchin´ you - I watched you
Droppin´out sweet torn and frayed
But nothing´s stoppin´ you - pillpoppin´ days
Are over if you come my way
Absolution girl - let it go and be
The ultimate star fucker star
Got the solution girl - let loose
And dance to a different guitar
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