You Are Nothin´ Testo

Testo You Are Nothin´

You are nothin´
I´m for real
You see I´m rockin´
`Cuz the devil´s got a deal
Ain´t got no time left
But I´ve got Shiva on my right
You´re in deep shit baby
While I´m in the limelight

Action rockin´ man born & bred
And I´ve got asteroids bouncin´ round in my head
We´re talkin´ clichés baby I know it´s true
You just can´t stand I´m not one bit like you

I keep on runnin´
You´re standin´ still
Yeah I move my ass
To get kicks & dirt cheap thrills
Your lips are movin´
But I can´t hear you say
Yeah you hit the ditch
And I hit the highway
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