In Your Arms Testo

Testo In Your Arms

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Soon as i started my car / you seemed to be too far / away from me i couldn't feel you next to me / where you long to be

you lost your cellphone so i couldn't call / just one of the reasons that made me fall / in love with you and only you can make this true / cause what i wanna do is to be

in your arms forever, by your side forever / every traffic light made me realize every compromise / i made 'til that special night

everything around me just looked new to me / with a pair of new eyes you gave to me / they are so true, the things you do, you put me through

you made me follow in every place / with the glance of your eyes adorning your face / a love so true, you feel it too, it's telling you / that all i need is to be


i was alone as someone like me / i didn't feel home with no place to be (free) / i even stopped wishing for someone just for me / but then she!

soon as I'm starting my car / you seem to be way too far / away from me but i can feel you next to me / cause i'll always be

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