2 Emo 4 Words Testo

Testo 2 Emo 4 Words

Your arm slips into mine as we walk along the sidewalk.
Everything around me fades into the dark.
Bat your eyes and crack a smile as you watch me melt in front of you
'Cause that's just how you do.

If you'll be my Sara Thomas I'll be your Fred Astaire
We will run away together without even one care.
Please stay with me one more night.
Awake until the sun does rise.
All I want is you here by my side.

Pure elation courses through my soul.
I'm drowning in waves of you.
A sparkle. A shimmer. A gleam in your eyes.
Prove to me you mean it one more time.
Before we're out of time.

And now that you're by my side,
hey I will go go for a ride.
'Cause now that you're by my side
I'll never let you go, I'll hold you tight.

It doesn't matter to me
If I'm all that you see
As long as you see me
As long as you see me
And my sadness wanes
As you breeze through my veins
Stop my heart with a kiss
Why can't we stay like this?

Like a song, sing it softly to me.
Tell me everything will be okay.
Take my arm. We'll run away tonight
And not look back even for a day.
We won't look back even for a day
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