Cadillac! Testo

Testo Cadillac!

Speeding south at seventy-five
Half an hour left to go.
The van was loaded when the tire exploded.
But we made our way just in time to play.

Here's to my best friends
Here's to one last chance.
Dre and Blink blasting, feet up on the dash.
And we'll speed along just to sing a song.

Breakfast Ramen really hits the spot.
But the van is getting way too hot.
Through thick and thin we'll go to the end.
We'll never stop and we'll never bend.

Words without meaning.
A song with no feeling.
We break at our seams.
The world is not waiting.
But we'll keep on going.
No intentions, no intentions of slowing.
Not slowing...

So with my best friends
As we take this chance.
Singing songs of love and of lost romance.
We'll speed along just to sing a song.
And the noise we make iIs what keeps us strong
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