Good For Nothing But Trouble Testo

Testo Good For Nothing But Trouble

When you have the time
You're just distraught and divine
Somewhere over that rainbow where was my pot of gold?
It doesn't exist, I've been told

Just turn around
What are you good for
I'm helpless and bound
When I'm walking through that door
I'm always holding back on your life

Some people like all of us
Are ones we cannot love and trust
Now get rid of that feeling
When we were all that we had
It's not even really that sad

Just stop (What you're doing)
And be (Always with me)
The headline reads
"The search is off"
For that... which is lost...
It's not meant to be.

When you have the time
You're never distraught and divine
Without all it I got by
You were my favorite lie
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