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Testo Options Limit Actions

Our lives are changing, time goes by so fast
We can't escape the dead hand of the past
It reaches out to pull me back to you
I'm six feet below and I can't break through.

The skyline's fading, this city burns so bright
The road ahead is bathed in our headlights
We'll drive all night so far away from here
And watch as this scene disappears.

Walkin down this city street
Feelin real hard and packin' heat
Ohh baby 'cause I've been asinine since '99
But my brain waves and lyrics are all divine
I wake up in the morning at the crack of dawn
Dazed and wearing spandex by Louis Vuitton
Sittin' by the campfire toastin' a marshmallow
Smokey filled lungs from the b-b-bungalow

Endorphins control attractions
Pink suede elicits reactions
All these thoughts are just a distraction
Options limit actions
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